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What if parents and students, coaches and spectators, teachers and staff could get photos to the yearbook crew quickly and easily? Now they can, with eShare, a Herff Jones internet site to which school stakeholders can upload their pics. Advisers gain full control of the photos through a secure adviser log-in and decide which to make available for use in the book.

We'll provide a flier to photocopy and send home with students, a school code for community members to use, a website banner and a link to put on your school's website. You'll provide the cut-off date for photo submission. To the plant, you'll also provide “up” dates and “down” dates for site activation, and will learn the easy steps for downloading or using the photos.

Now, imagine growing theĀ  culture of your school in which EVERYONE can helpĀ  tell the story of the year. The magic just got easier.

Contact Steven or Thomas for more information and to sign up for this powerful new tool.